38 days until departure

An open letter to my nearest and dearest…

Dear X or Y,

If I think about who I’m writing this blog for, it is you that springs to mind, because it is you who will actually take the time to read it. The easiest way to address you all as directly as I can is to leave a list of things that you have all done – be it individually or collectively – to enhance my life. You know who you are.

So, I’d like to say thank you to you for:

  1. Saving my life by holding me back from crossing the road when I’m not paying attention.
  2. Doing my make-up.
  3. Letting me do your make-up.
  4. Giving me nick-names: cute Russian ones like Хаттушка (Hattushka), or off-the-wall ones like Hatzarella.
  5. Cuddles.
  6. Communicating with me solely in emojis with secret meanings.
  7. Giving me the most idyllic home to grow up in.
  8. Supporting me through depression.
  9. Listening to me talk about the same fears and insecurities over and over and never telling me to stop.
  10. Walking the dog (Maud) with me.
  11. Giving me singing lessons.
  12. Giving me lifts.
  13. Letting me drive you when I was learning.
  14. Trusting me.
  15. Cooking duck for our anniversary.
  16. Loving me like nobody else ever has.
  17. Buying me amazing boots.
  18. Letting me cook for you.
  19. Snapping me back to reality when I’m being ridiculous.
  20. Telling me when I look great (and when I don’t).
  21. Getting Domino’s with me.
  22. Introducing me to your family.
  23. Taking me on incredible, horizon-expanding holidays.
  24. Helping me understand British and Russian bureaucracies.
  25. Helping me get into Oxford.
  26. Teaching me.
  27. Holding my hand.
  28. Feeding me.
  29. Painting my nails.
  30. Singing with me. And enjoying my singing.
  31. Boosting my confidence.
  32. Believing in me.
  33. Making appointments for me.
  34. Telling me stories.
  35. Teaching me to swim.
  36. Playing pooh-sticks with me.
  37. Reading bedtime stories to me.
  38. Doing my laundry.
  39. Wanting me around.
  40. Trusting me to look after your children.
  41. Kissing me in the sun and the rain and the sea.
  42. Seeing a future with me.
  43. Rowing while I shout at you and tell you what to do.
  44. Writing essays with me at 3am.
  45. Wiping my tears away.
  46. So. Much. More.

All these things that you have done have stayed with me and made me smile. I hope that this post finds you smiling too, rather than cringing, as I would like to give something back. This blog is for you. It will be written with you at my shoulder, urging me on to a bold life.

I love you all.

Rustle and Snow





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